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iEMS can provide solutions to meet your exacting requirements, from a single site to a corporate wide monitoring and targeting system, using communication methods to suit your facility.


Utilising LAN/WAN IT technology (Cat 5e/Cat 6, fibre optic, wireless, radio, GSM etc.), iEMS' solutions will ensure that you get the data that you need, where you want it, when you want it.


iEMS offers;







Installation & Commissioning


Qualified and experienced resource is used to install and commission all of our metering and monitoring systems, in line with the very latest standards and methods.


Training & Support


User and administrator level training for both new and legacy power monitoring systems and products can be delivered at your facility to suit the technical need and number of persons. If required, and permitted by IT governance, iEMS can offer remote support of your system using secure portal, VPN, RDP or similar technologies.

System Design


We offer a complete design service for power and energy monitoring and control systems, and can also assist with metering strategies, functional design specifications and user requirement specifications for any aspect of a project.


Panel Manufacture


Assembly of purpose built enclosures for metering, monitoring and controls equipment. Panels are designed to suit the application, space limitations and working environment and are pre-wired for future expansion needs.